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DUPLICATOR D12 / 230 late in delivery at the end of February and mid-March


Last update of March 16, 2021

All WANHAO DUPLICATOR 12/230 printers scheduled for shipment at the end of February and mid-March have been on their way since DECEMBER 21.

The problems linked to covid coupled with an overflow of containers in ports in Europe create congestion in the ports, the boats are therefore slowed down because they will not be able to dock if they arrive on the date initially planned. They therefore slowed down their speed to arrive at their new unloading date or change their plan to go to other ports to unload.

Attached is a screenshot of our container tracking tool so that you can have the most transparent information possible.

Shipments should therefore begin between March 23 and 25

We fully understand that this delay could discourage you because the wait is already long for many of you.

A reduction code of 10 euros will be added to each package (valid for 2 months) as compensation for the additional wait.

The entire Wanhao France team is mobilized about this delay. and wish you all a happy new year 2021!!!

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