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Firmware Update for Duplicator D9 MKIII


Following the release of the MKIII version of Duplicator 9, problems were noted on certain machines linked to the new end of filament sensor, interrupting printing randomly.

After extensive research, our technical team at WanhaoFrance managed to identify the problem and it is necessary for all Duplicator 9 MKIII users to update the firmware of the machine to correct the problem.

The operation is relatively simple:

  1. Download this ZIP file and extract its contents. You should have three files whose numbers 300, 400, 500 correspond to the size of the machine: D9_300MK3ReverseMode.hex, D9_400MK3ReverseMode.hex and D9_500MK3ReverseMode.hex.
  2. Connect your D9 to your computer via the provided USB cable. The connector is located next to the SD card reader. If your D9 was turned off, it is normal that only the screen turns on. You can turn on your printer normally, although this is optional.
  3. If you are used to updating firmware, carry out the operations as usual, otherwise:
    Launch CuraByWanhao which is the dedicated version of Cura, modified by Wanhao. You can download the software here for Windows or MacOS .
  4. Go to the "Machine" menu then choose "Machine Settings..."
  5. A window appears. At the bottom right, in "Communication settings", make sure that "Serial Port" is on "Auto" and that "Bauderate" is on 115200.
  6. Click OK to close the dialog box, then go back to the "Machine" menu, then click "Install Custom firmware...".
  7. A window for your operating system appears. Navigate your hard drive to the folder you unzipped in step 1, then select the file corresponding to the size of your machine, for example " D9_500MK3ReverseMode.hex" if your machine is a Duplicator 9 500. Finally, validate your selection by clicking on “Open”.
  8. The update process should start and you should see a progress bar moving forward. Click OK when finished. If this operation fails because the machine cannot connect, go back to step 5. and change the "Serial Port" from Auto to one between "COM Don’t hesitate to try one after the other.
  9. Once finished, you can unplug the USB cable from the printer and your computer and exit Cura By Wanhao and use your printer as usual.

The video below shows you in pictures all the steps for updating the firmware. The steps starting at 1min18 are not relevant to this update and should be ignored.

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