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Nouveaux filaments de la gamme Wanhao : Silk, Constellation, PetG et PVA

New filaments in the Wanhao range: Silk, Constellation, PetG and PVA


We have just added new filaments to our catalog, meeting technical as well as creative and artistic needs, allowing WanhaoFrance to offer a complete range of FDM consumables for the most common uses, always at a low price.

Here is a short description below and take the opportunity to view all the colors in the store.

PLA Silk

It is a PLA very similar to classic PLA in terms of its technical characteristics except that it offers a more shiny and silky visual appearance. It is intended above all to offer a visual alternative to classic PLA with brighter colors.

🔗 See the PLA Silk collection

PLA Constellation

The PLA Constellation is in line with Silk with a desire to offer filaments with a different visual appearance. This Constellation filament is transparent, tinted and above all, loaded with silver glitter, giving a starry effect to your prints.
It prints like a classic PLA, however, consider possibly increasing the number of contours in order to increase the thickness of the shell, which will avoid seeing the internal filling of your models.

🔗 View the PLA Constellation collection


PETG filament (polyethylene terephthalate combined with glycol) is an alternative filament to the famous ABS: it offers quite similar resistance, while offering the simplicity of printing of PLA. Thanks to PETG, you can print mechanical parts easily, without having the constraints characteristic of ABS. It is a material widely used in industry, which is found in the manufacture of packaging or plastic bottles, making it a filament compatible with food contact. It is also 100% recyclable.

🔗 See the PETG collection

TPU (Flexible)

TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) filament is a filament that allows you to create flexible and deformable 3D prints. It is a filament which is resistant to greases, oils and abrasion and which is used above all for practical uses: phone cases or protections for drones for example.

Be careful though, TPU filament requires special attention for 3D printing. Direct Drive printers like the Wanhao Duplicator 9 are recommended, so that the distance between the extruder and the head is as short as possible. It is also recommended to print much slower than PLA. The Wanhao TPU has a high Shore, it is compatible with printers equipped with a Bowden type extruder (remote).

🔗 View the TPU collection

Multicolor, Marble, PVA

And we also have the little unclassifiable ones, like Multicolor PLA for printing in color gradients, Marble , an off-white PLA speckled with black, PLA filament loaded with wood or, PVA , technical filament which dissolves in water and used with multi-extrusion printers.

🔗 See the collection of special filaments

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