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WanhaoFrance met son parc de 200 imprimantes 3D à disposition des services publiques et hôpitaux

WanhaoFrance makes its fleet of 200 3D printers available to public services and hospitals


Press release - March 24, 2020

With its set of 200 3D printers, WanhaoFrance can print numerous 3D models for hospitals and other services which may need specific parts in their daily life in the fight against the Coronavirus.

Due to its activity, WanhaoFrance has one of the largest fleet of French FDM 3D printers, making it possible to print numerous parts in a short time. In this period when our hospitals, but also health personnel or simply our traders lack the means to protect themselves in their daily activities against the Covid-19 virus, WanhaoFrance opens its fleet to public services and stands ready to respond to their requests .

Nicolas Michaut, president of WanhaoFrance: “Many solutions are emerging on the internet, imagined by Makers, however we believe that it is preferable that we give access to our large fleet of 3D printers to services with specific needs and above all , validated by the scientific and medical community and not produce accessories and protections which ultimately would simply not be effective for healthcare personnel or the general population.”

WanhaoFrance is also working with its partners located in China to have masks delivered expressly, which will be distributed to doctors, local hospitals and medical staff.

Contact WanhaoFrance for access to the park:

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