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Wanhao Smart Pad : Découvrez l'avenir de l'impression 3D à travers notre campagne Kickstarter

Wanhao Smart Pad: Discover the future of 3D printing through our Kickstarter campaign


1. What is the Wanhao Smart Pad?

The Wanhao Smart Pad is an innovative product that represents a significant evolution in the field of 3D printing. It is an open source electronic device, designed to improve and optimize the user experience of 3D printers.

Based on Klipper firmware, the Wanhao Smart Pad stands out for its ability to make 3D printers more efficient and easier to use. The Klipper firmware, at the heart of this product, is recognized for its ability to improve the printing speed and precision of 3D printers by offloading the calculation of the kinematics to an external computer.

The Wanhao Smart Pad is equipped with an intuitive touchscreen, allowing users to easily control their 3D printers. It also offers a comprehensive suite of tools and features that help simplify the 3D printing process, including print job management, real-time monitoring and system configuration.

The product is completely open source, meaning its code and design are freely available to anyone. This encourages transparency, collaboration and innovation, allowing the user community to make improvements and modifications to tailor the product to their specific needs.

The Wanhao Smart Pad is more than just a 3D printing accessory, it is a true revolution that transforms the user experience, promotes innovation and opens the way to new possibilities in the field of 3D printing.


2. Why did we decide to launch this project on Kickstarter

Kickstarter provides a unique platform that allows us to share our vision with a global community of technology and innovation enthusiasts. This is a great way to test market interest and raise funds for mass production, while allowing those who support the project to be part of the development process.

By using Kickstarter to launch the Wanhao Smart Pad, we can benefit from the excitement and engagement of early adopters. This gives us the opportunity to receive valuable feedback and iterate on our product before launching it at scale. In addition, crowdfunding allows us to remain independent and faithful to our vision without having to make compromises for outside investors.

Additionally, by meeting our funding goals on Kickstarter, we can validate our product and prove its appeal, which can attract the attention of traditional investors for future support.

In short, Kickstarter allows us to connect directly with our community, obtain preliminary funding for production, and improve our product through user feedback, all while maintaining our independence and integrity as creators.

3. What types of 3D printers can use the Wanhao Smart Pad?

The Wanhao Smart Pad is specifically designed to work exceptionally well with a wide variety of Fused Deposition (FDM)/Fused Wire Fabrication (FFF) 3D printers.

This is an ideal solution for many popular models from Grenade brands such as:

  • Creality
  • Elegoo
  • Artillery
  • Prusa
  • Anycubic
  • Wanhao
  • Tevo
  • Longer
  • B.Q.
  • Flsun
  • Tronxy
  • Lulzbot
  • Twotrees
  • alphawise
  • dagoma
  • Eyrone
  • Geeeteck
  • Kywoo
  • Monoprice
  • Orthur
  • Tronxy
  • etc..
  • The above list is not exhaustive, the Wanhao Smart Pad can be adapted to work with many other FDM/FFF 3D printer models. It is a versatile solution that aims to improve and simplify your 3D printing experience, regardless of the printer model you own.

    3. How does the Wanhao Smart Pad work with 3D printers?

    The Wanhao Smart Pad acts as an interface between your 3D printer and your computer. It makes it easy to control your printer, send files to print, and monitor the printing process.

    Here's how it works step by step:

    1. Connection : Connect the Wanhao Smart Pad to your 3D printer via a standard high-speed USB connection.

    2. Configuration : Configure the Smart Pad using its intuitive user interface. You can set various settings such as extruder temperature, heated bed temperature, print speed, and much more.

    3. File transfer : Transfer 3D model files from your computer to the Smart Pad via Wi-Fi or USB stick.

    4. Print control : Start printing from the Smart Pad. You can monitor the printing process in real time, make adjustments if necessary, or even stop printing.

    5. Monitoring : The Wanhao Smart Pad also offers the possibility of monitoring the progress of your prints remotely. It can send notifications to your phone or computer when printing is finished or if a problem occurs.

    4. Why did we choose an open source approach for the Wanhao Smart Pad?

    We chose an open source approach for the Wanhao Smart Pad for several fundamental reasons.

    1. Innovation : Open source projects encourage innovation. They allow anyone to make changes, add features, and improve the product. This means that the Smart Pad can continue to evolve and improve with input from the global community.

    2. Transparency : An open source project offers complete transparency. Users can see exactly how the Smart Pad works and can have confidence in its security and reliability.

    3. Customization : Open source allows users to customize the Smart Pad according to their specific needs. Whether you are a 3D printing enthusiast or a professional, you can adapt the Smart Pad to your requirements.

    4. Community : Finally, an open source project builds a community of passionate and engaged users. These users can share ideas, solve problems together, and help move the project forward. We believe in the power of collaboration and are excited to see what the community will bring to the Wanhao Smart Pad.

    5. What sets Wanhao Smart Pad apart from other similar products on the market?

    The Wanhao Smart Pad stands out for several unique features that position it as a tool of choice for 3D printer users:

      1. 100% Open Source : Unlike many similar products, the Wanhao Smart Pad is completely open source. This means that the community can contribute to its development, improve its functionality, and adapt it to their specific needs.

      2. Wide Compatibility : The Wanhao Smart Pad has been designed to be compatible with a wide range of FDM/FFF 3D printers, making it accessible to a wide community of users.

      3. Ease of use : With its intuitive user interface, the Wanhao Smart Pad is easy to use, whether you are a beginner or an advanced user. Its sleek design and ease of use make it pleasant to use.

      4. Advanced Features : The Wanhao Smart Pad comes with advanced features that provide precise control and real-time tracking of your 3D prints. It can even send notifications to your phone or computer when printing is complete or if a problem occurs.

      5. Continuous Development : As an open source product, the Wanhao Smart Pad benefits from continuous development through community contribution. This means that the product will continue to improve and adapt to the changing needs of the 3D printing community.

      6.What are the different funding levels of our Kickstarter campaign and what do they unlock?

      Our Kickstarter campaign is structured with multiple funding tiers, each offering a series of rewards for our generous backers. The aim is to make the Wanhao Smart Pad even more attractive and exciting. Here are the details :

    1. Stretch Goal 1: $50,000 – Surprise to unlock! At this level, we'll unlock a surprise feature or benefit that all backers will appreciate.
    2. Stretch Goal 2: $100,000 - Another surprise! Expect a specific improvement or gift for our patrons.
    3. Stretch Goal 3: $150,000 - Surprise coming. At this point we will reveal another improvement or gift for our patrons.
    4. Stretch Goal 4: $200,000 - Surprise waiting to happen. What will be the next feature or perk to unlock? Stay tuned!
    5. Stretch Goal 5: $300,000 - You guessed it, another surprise! At this level, our contributors can expect something special.
    6. Stretch Goal 6: $400,000 - Yes, another surprise! What could it be?
    7. Stretch Goal 7 GOAL: $500,000 – We will unlock yet another surprise at this funding level!
    8. Stretch Goal 8 GOLD: $600,000 - One more surprise to reveal at this level.
    9. Stretch Goal 9 GOLD: $1,200,000 - At this level, we unlock a Tesla-like app for your phone! Control your Wanhao Smart Pad remotely, receive real-time notifications and much more.
    10. Stretch Goal 10 GOLD: $2,000,000 - Wanhao To the moon! At this ultimate level, we will embark on a mission to launch a WANHAO Smart Pad into space and we will post the video on YouTube. It's a fun way to show that the sky is not the limit for our community!
    11. Remember, every contribution brings us closer to these exciting milestones. Together we can make the Wanhao Smart Pad even more amazing!

      7. How can Wanhao Smart Pad improve 3D printing experience?

      1. Easy and Convenient Control : With its intuitive touchscreen user interface, the Wanhao Smart Pad makes managing your 3D prints simple and hassle-free. No more need for a computer on hand or USB sticks to load your models. With the Smart Pad, everything is at your fingertips.

      2. Better performance : By leveraging Klipper firmware, the Wanhao SmartPad offers improved printing performance. Klipper combines your computer's high-performance computing with your 3D printer's ability to produce high-quality prints at higher speeds.

      3. Open Source : The Wanhao Smart Pad is 100% open source, meaning the user community can collaborate to continually improve and update the product. This also means that the product can be tailored to the specific needs of each user.

      4. Wide Compatibility : The Wanhao Smart Pad is designed to work with a wide range of FDM/FFF 3D printers. Simply connect it to your printer via USB to start enjoying the benefits of Klipper.

      5. Access to advanced features : With Klipper firmware, users have access to advanced features such as temperature compensation, precision movements, pressure management and much more.

      6. User-friendly for beginners and advanced users : Whether you are a beginner in 3D printing or an advanced user, the Wanhao Smart Pad is designed for you. Its user interface is easy to understand for new users, while its many advanced features make it attractive to experienced users.

      In short, the Wanhao Smart Pad has the potential to transform your 3D printing experience, making it easier, more efficient and more enjoyable.

      8.How do we see the future of Wanhao Smart Pad?

      We have big ambitions for the future of Wanhao Smart Pad. With the support and investment of the 3D community, we believe that the Wanhao Smart Pad can become a benchmark in the field of 3D printing touchscreens.

      1. Continuous Evolution : Since our product is completely open source, we expect constant evolution of the Wanhao Smart Pad. We hope the community will collaborate to bring improvements, additional features, and broader compatibility with different 3D printers. We are also open to user feedback and are ready to make necessary changes to meet their needs.

      2. Compatibility Expansion : Currently, the Wanhao Smart Pad is compatible with a wide range of FDM/FFF 3D printers. In the future, we want to expand this compatibility to even more 3D printer models and brands.

      3. Reach new users : With the success of our Kickstarter campaign, we hope to reach more and more users around the world. We want everyone, from beginners to experienced users, to benefit from the ease of use and advanced features of the Wanhao Smart Pad.

      4. Continuous Innovation : We have exciting ideas for the future of Wanhao Smart Pad. Depending on the amount of funding we receive from our Kickstarter campaign, we plan to add even more innovative and useful features to our product. For example, at our highest funding level, we plan to develop a "Tesla" type app for your smartphone and even launch a Wanhao Smart Pad into space!

      In summary, we see a very bright future for the Wanhao Smart Pad. With the support of the 3D printing community, we are confident that we can make the Wanhao Smart Pad a must-have part of the 3D printing experience.

      9.What kind of support is available for Wanhao Smart Pad users?

      An essential part of our commitment to the 3D printing community is to provide strong, quality support for our users. Here are the different types of support we offer for the Wanhao Smart Pad:

      1. Comprehensive documentation : We have created comprehensive and easy-to-understand documentation for the Wanhao Smart Pad. This covers everything from installation to advanced configuration to help users get the most out of their Smart Pad. Whether you're a 3D printing beginner or an expert, you'll find helpful, step-by-step instructions to help you.

      2. Community Forum : We have also created a community forum for the Wanhao Smart Pad. Here users can ask questions, share their experiences and get help from other users and our support team. This forum is also a place where the community can share their suggestions for improvement, new features or even new compatible 3D printer models.

      3. Regular Updates : As the Wanhao Smart Pad is an open-source product, we plan to offer regular updates to improve functionality and user experience. These updates will include both improvements suggested by our development team and those proposed by the community.

      4. Video Tutorials : We understand that some users prefer visual instructions. That's why we also offer a series of video tutorials that cover various aspects of the Wanhao Smart Pad. These videos provide step-by-step instruction on how to install, configure and use the Wanhao Smart Pad.

      In summary, we have built a comprehensive support network for our users. We strongly believe that the success of the Wanhao Smart Pad relies on a strong and engaged community, and we are committed to doing everything we can to help our users succeed with the Wanhao Smart Pad.

      10. What challenges did we encounter when creating the Wanhao Smart Pad and how did we overcome them?

      Creating the Wanhao Smart Pad was an exciting challenge, stimulating our ingenuity and perseverance. We encountered several challenges along the way, but we managed to overcome them thanks to our dedication and commitment to this project. Here are some of the challenges we faced:

      1. Compatibility : One of the biggest challenges was ensuring that the Wanhao Smart Pad would be compatible with a wide range of FDM/FFF 3D printers. This required extensive research, rigorous testing, and numerous iterations to ensure our product could interact effectively with a variety of 3D printer models. Through hard work and exhaustive testing, we have managed to make the Smart Pad compatible with many popular 3D printers.

      2. User-Oriented Design : It was crucial to us that the Wanhao Smart Pad was easy to use for novices while offering advanced features for experienced users. Finding this balance has been a challenge, but through community feedback and careful design and programming, we have managed to create a product that is both powerful and accessible.

      3. Open-source approach : Our commitment to open source meant that we not only shared our codes and designs, but also created detailed documentation and provided quality support. This required careful planning and a lot of editing and translation work, but we firmly believe it's worth it to support the community and promote the spirit of open source.

      These challenges helped make the development of the Wanhao Smart Pad an exciting adventure. They allowed us to learn and grow as a team, and we are proud of what we accomplished. We can't wait to see how the Wanhao Smart Pad will transform our community's 3D printing experience!

      11. Who are the creators of the Wanhao Smart Pad?

      The Wanhao Smart Pad is the result of the passionate work of a dedicated team of creators, engineers and 3D printing enthusiasts. Our team, made up of 40 people, is based both in the Paris region, near Massy TGV, France, and in Hangzhou, China. We all have a common passion for 3D printing and open source.

      1. Nicolas : As founder of the team, CEO of Wanhao France and project leader of the Wanhao Smart Pad, Nicolas played a key role in guiding our vision and developing our strategy. His passion for 3D printing and his belief in the power of open source were the driving force behind this project.

      2. Bruno : Bruno is our financial director based in France. He contributed to the planning and management of the project's financial resources, ensuring the stability and financial viability of the Wanhao Smart Pad.

      3. Gary : As CEO and founder of the Wanhao factory in China, Gary brought his extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of manufacturing and production to the team.

      4. Jinfang and Quiliang : Jinfang and Quiliang, our software engineers, have worked tirelessly to develop the software of the Wanhao Smart Pad, contributing significantly to its performance and usability.

      5. Linji : Linji, our hardware engineer, was essential to the design and creation of the hardware part of the Wanhao Smart Pad.

      In addition to these key members, our team is complemented by a network of talented professionals, all dedicated to realizing our vision of the Wanhao Smart Pad. It was their dedication and hard work that brought this project to life.

      We firmly believe in the potential of 3D printing to transform the world, and we are excited to contribute to this revolution with the Wanhao Smart Pad. We can't wait to see what the community creates with our product!

      12.How can one purchase or support the Wanhao Smart Pad?

      The Wanhao Smart Pad is currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter, a well-known platform for carrying out creative projects of all kinds. If you are interested in our product and want to support it, you can do so in several ways:

      1. Participate in the Kickstarter campaign : The most direct way to support the Wanhao Smart Pad is to participate in our Kickstarter campaign. Not only are you helping to bring our vision to life, but you also have the opportunity to receive the Wanhao Smart Pad as a reward for your contribution, depending on the amount you decide to support.

        You can access our Kickstarter campaign at this link: Wanhao Smart Pad on Kickstarter .

      2. Sharing our campaign : If you cannot financially support our project at the moment, you can still help by sharing our Kickstarter campaign on your social networks, blogs or 3D printing forums. Every share counts and helps raise awareness of our project among more people.

      3. Feedback and Suggestions : As an open source project, we greatly appreciate feedback and suggestions from the community. If you have any ideas for improving the Wanhao Smart Pad or just want to give us your feedback, please don't hesitate to contact us.

      Thank you for your interest in the Wanhao Smart Pad. Your support helps us make our vision a reality and we can't wait to show you what we've been cooking up!

      13. What is the expected impact of the Wanhao Smart Pad on the 3D printing industry?

      With the Wanhao Smart Pad, we aim to revolutionize the 3D printing industry, making it more accessible, more user-friendly and more customizable than ever.

      1. Simplicity and accessibility : The Wanhao Smart Pad is designed to be easy to set up and use, even for 3D printing novices. It eliminates the complexity of the 3D printing process, allowing more people to explore and benefit from this technology.

      2. Advanced customization : Thanks to its open source approach, the Wanhao Smart Pad offers unprecedented customization. Advanced users can modify and improve their 3D printing experience based on their specific needs. This makes it possible to explore new possibilities and innovate beyond the limits of closed systems.

      3. Improved performance : The Wanhao Smart Pad is designed to optimize the performance of 3D printers. Through its Klipper software, it enables faster printing speeds and better precision, improving the overall quality of 3D prints.

      4. Community and Collaboration : By creating an open source product, we hope to encourage collaboration and sharing within the 3D printing community. We believe that by working together we can advance this technology and discover new applications and methods.

      Overall, we believe the Wanhao Smart Pad can help democratize 3D printing and unlock its full potential. It's a bold vision, but with your support, we're confident we can achieve it.


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          Landais Sébastien

          Bonjour à toutes l’équipe

          La fabrication d’un pad sous klipper fait par une équipe française est géniale, je suis très intéressé.
          Je suis en train de fabriquer une imprimante grand modèle, impression de 55cm de circonférence sur 1m10 de hauteur,système delta pour la tête et core xy
          pour le plateau ,pensez vous qu’il serait possible de créer une cinématique pour gérer les moteurs supplémentaire ?
          En vous souhaitant une bonne réussite sur votre projet


          Suite à votre mail de juin auquel j’avais répondu, (75€ au lieu de 112€) j’attendais une réponse, mais toujours rien. ou en est ce projet et quand les livraisons.


          Quand sera t’il disponible ?

          Jacques Yann

          J’ai hâte de tester sur mon imprimante 3d artillery x1

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